The LLC Setup Package


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Option #1: Jake’s own collection of comprehensive videos on the “whys and wherefores” of using an LLC  – and which LLC to use!

(This is CRUCIAL information, with topics ranging across a broad spectrum of issues, including:


The Asset Protection Features of LLCs – Why They’re not all the Same, and Why that Matters, and How to Make Them Work For You!


The ever-important Topic of Taxation as it Relates to LLCs


The Privacy Aspect of LLCs, How to Use it, and Why it Works


Complexity vs. Simplicity (or “The Million Dollar Question) – Do You Want to Make your Structure as Difficult as It Can Be to Use?
Or Would You Rather It Be Simpler – Easier?


The Untold Story about Legislative Commitment of the State Where You File – and Why this is so Important


How To Create the LLC’s Business Records Book – What absolutely, positively needs to be in there


How to Open the Bank Account – Situations to Avoid


The “Series” LLC – To use?  Or NOT to Use?


PLUS!… A video explaining the “how to” of creating, filing, and setting up your own LLC!

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