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Discover hidden secrets for setting up your personal and business structure the right way so you can do what you love, build your business, get paid, and make sure that the things you have worked for are safe and protected for yourself, your business, and your loved ones.

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What is "Virtual Invisibility", Anyhow? 

For over 30 years Jake has been helping his students achieve and maintain "virtual invisibility".

Virtual Invisibility is actually many things. But its all based on setting yourself up to accomplish the following things:

Protection for your personal and your business affairs.
Engage in Effective Compliance.
Adopt and maintain the best business practices.
Implement the most useful tax strategies...
...and MORE!

About the Host:

Lawrence "Jake" Jacobsen has decades of professional legal, business, and administrative representation knowledge and experience.

While utilizing this "triple threat" of knowledge and experience, Jake helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors to reach and achieve their goals.

Over the years he was active in both civil and criminal legal actions, including:

Civil and Criminal Litigation
Civil and Criminal Appeals Work
Administrative Representation
Bankruptcy ("7"s, "13"s) and Related Adversary Proceedings
Contract Creation and Negotiation
Various Director Assignments on Boards of Directors of Companies

He has represented everyone from pro bono (literally "for the good") assistance to Fortune 100 clients, to business owners JUST LIKE YOU.

But in later years, his focus has evolved into a business consultancy specializing in protective business and defensive personal structuring and planning, as well as real property transactions.

Whether speaking on stage, being interviewed in the media, or advising business leaders, Jake can be found helping people just like you to excel in their business by creating a solid foundation on which to build their business aspirations and personal dreams into financial reality!


Products and Services


This is the first step in protecting yourself and your business!

Protecting your business and the assets that accrue to you from it for your own personal use, has NEVER been more important than it is today. Knowing the proper structure is crucial — otherwise, everything that you earn can be stripped from you!

AND, if you set things up right from the beginning, you can attract more of the good things — and avoid the pitfalls!

For example: which would you rather? Would you rather do business as a sole proprietor?  

(Remember! Sole proprietors have ALL the liability; literally ZERO protection from lawsuits; and each and every single asset that the business owner has — car, home, and more — can be attached by creditors in case something goes wrong!)






It's an easy choice, isn't it? But its' AMAZING how many people still go ahead and use the sole proprietor model based on the idea — proven wrong, time after time after time — that if anything happens?

It will happen to THE OTHER GUY — NOT ME!


But with Get It In Writing, you will have VITAL forms to guide you on your way to becoming a protected Entrepreneur.

Amazing Benefit #1!All the forms you need to run your business in the most crucial areas agreed upon by experts to be the most necessary.

Amazing Benefit #2!Each form comes with its own "educational" video to guide you through the "ins and outs" of the various clauses to help your comprehension and usage!

Amazing Benefit #3!It is a "given", that every business NEEDS a critical forms library. Any one of these forms can — just by themselves — cost anywhere from $100 to $2500.

A "stable" of these forms could EASILY set you back tens of thousands of dollars!

So having these forms at your fingertips is just an additional opportunity to keep your business safe, prospering, and secure!


Our LLC Package has two great options to choose from!

Option #1

Option #1: Jake's own collection of comprehensive videos on the "whys and wherefores" of using an LLC  - and which LLC to use!

(This is CRUCIAL information, with topics ranging across a broad spectrum of issues, including:  

The Asset Protection Features of LLCs - Why They're not all the Same, and Why that Matters, and How to Make Them Work For You!
The ever-important Topic of Taxation as it Relates to LLCs
The Privacy Aspect of LLCs, How to Use it, and Why it Works
Complexity vs. Simplicity (or "The Million Dollar Question) - Do You Want to Make your Structure as Difficult as It Can Be to Use? 
Or Would You Rather It Be Simpler - Easier?
The Untold Story about Legislative Commitment of the State Where You File - and Why this is so Important
How To Create the LLC's Business Records Book - What absolutely, positively needs to be in there
How to Open the Bank Account - Situations to Avoid
The "Series" LLC - To use?  Or NOT to Use?
PLUS!... A video explaining the "how to" of creating, filing, and setting up your own LLC!

Option #2

ALL the videos!
ALL the topics!
We do all the comprehensive creation, filing and set up of your Limited Liability Company for you!
PLUS!... three (count 'em - 3!) months of Jake's coaching to guide you through any "rough spots"!


Jake's informational videos on the whys and wherefores of using trusts in your Real Property Transactions, including:
Introductory Remarks and Overview
General Information
Asset Protection
Privacy Considerations
Who the Players are in a Land Trust
Important Estate Planning Issues that are Good to Know
Important Information on Tax Benefits
Important Information on Transactional Issues (that is, how to use the Land Trust in Real Property Transactions)
One (1) Free Land Trust Template

Product #4: Jake's Special Deal: The Complete "Virtual Invisibility" Package for Businesses!

You get:

Get It In Writing!
The Land Trust Package
The LLC Package
All the videos!
All the Information!
All the Forms!
All of Jake's insightful and incisive commentary!

Product #5: Jake's "Deluxe" Business AND Personal/Family Structuring Package

You Get:

The "Get It In Writing!" Package
The "Get It In Writing!" Package
The LLC Setup Package
The Property Acquisition Trust Package
The Personal Structuring Package
Three (3) months of Jake's Personal Coaching to guide you through any "rough spots"! ("DFU" only)

Virtual Invisibility Package #6: Jake's "Personal Touch" Coaching Package

Receive on-demand access to Jake's thirty-year experience in legal documentation, real estate, and business management. You can't ask for better access to his coaching than with his Personal Touch Coaching Package.

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