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All the forms you need to run your business in the most crucial areas agreed upon by experts to be most necessary.

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Each form comes with its own educational video to guide you through the "ins and outs" of the various clauses to help your comprehension and usage!

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It is a "given" that every business NEEDS a critical forms library. Any one of these forms can — just by themselves — cost anywhere from $100 to $2500. A "stable" of these forms could set you back tens of thousands of dollars! So having these forms at your beck and call is just an additional opportunity to keep your business safe, prospering, and secure!

I can't WAIT for you to join us in this journey.

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Module 1: The Business Entity Package

Protecting your business has never been more important than it is today. Knowing the proper structure is crucial - otherwise everything that you earn can be stripped from you.

AND - if you set things up right from the beginning? You can attract more of the good things and avoid the pitfalls!

For example: Which would you rather? Would you rather do business as a sole proprietor?

(Remember: sole proprietors have ALL the liability; literally ZERO protection from lawsuits; and each and every single asset that the business owner has - car - home - and more - can be attached by a creditor in case something goes wrong!)


It's an easy choice, isn't it? But it's AMAZING how many people still go ahead and choose to use the sole proprietor model based on the idea that it always happens to the other guy — it will NEVER happen to me.

The Business Entity package contains VITAL forms to guide you on the way to becoming a PROTECTED entrepreneur.

Module 2: The Business Activities Package

Many times I am asked what the most important business form it is to have.  

Which one, people ask, is THE MOST IMPORTANT.

My answer is, well, it's hard to pin it down to one - there are many areas of your business endeavors that are all important.

But let's think for a moment: if you want to have a profitable business its going to be important to get together with like minded people - other entrepreneurs - people who have products and services that COMPLIMENT YOURS - without taking anything AWAY from yours - and the BEST WAY to do that?


Two heads are better than one — so the saying goes — and if you had such a form you could MAGNIFY the POWER of your own business by adding more ammunition to your arsenal.

This is just ONE of the critical forms you will have at your disposal in the Business Activities Package.

Module 3:  The Events Package

Which would be better? To talk to one person about your services or product?

What about ten? Would ten be better?

Maybe 20? Or 50? Or more?

In today's business world, a leader must wear several hats. In many cases, you are the creator of the product or service that you sell! This means marketing! This means holding events! And the Events Package contains 8 absolutely essential forms to help you, the event holder, make sure that you're covered from the time your attendees walk up to the registration desk, through presentations, field trips, and right to the final moments!

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If you start right? Its easy to GO right!

Remember: no one wants to talk about the operation — until they feel the PAIN.

Don't subject yourself to the pain that comes from lack of proper preparation.

Don't hesitate to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your 

most important asset vehicle — YOUR BUSINESS.

Do it the RIGHT WAY...

"Get It In Writing"

About Your Host

Lawrence "Jake" Jacobsen

Senior Partner, J&D Group, Twain Consulting, and Real Growth Builders

Lawrence "Jake" Jacobsen, has decades of professional legal, business, and administrative knowledge.

While utilizing his extensive professional legal experience, Jake helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors reach and achieve their goals.

Over the years he has been active in both civil and criminal legal forums, including appeals work, bankruptcy filings, contracts creation, contractual negotiations, and much much more.

But in later years, his focus has been on protective business and defensive personal structuring and planning, as well as real property transactions. He has represented everyone from pro bono assistance cases to Fortune 100 clients.  

Jake has a passion for the details, the contracts, and the paperwork that every organization craving legitimacy and purchase needs to protect themselves and prosper in today's "sue happy" world.

Whether speaking on stage, being interviewed in the media, or advising business leaders, Jake can be found helping people just like you to excel in their businesses by creating a solid foundation on which to build their business aspirations and make their personal dreams become a financial reality!

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